Debt Cutter can help you improve your Credit Score

You credit score is created for you by credit rating companies.  It is based on how many times you have applied for debt, the type of debt you have applied for and whether you have paid your debt repayments on time.


Finding out what your credit rating is

With your permission, we can access your credit rating.  We can explain what the credit rating means, and what circumstances have lead to your credit rating being what it is.

Improving your credit rating

Our debt management solutions can help you improve your credit rating.  Improving your credit rating is not instant, it takes time.  You need to show positive behaviour with your creditors over time, and do anything to make your credit rating worse.  Things like applying for a lot of loans can make your credit rating worse. Because our debt management solutions help you get on top of your debt, you know where you stand financially, you are able to plan for upcoming expenses, so you can make clear decisions.  This helps you show good payment management to your creditors, and will, over time, improve your credit rating.

What we don’t do…

We don’t fix errors on your credit file (or charge you for it). If there is an error on your credit file, we can direct you to where you can get the information on how to fix it yourself, for free.

Formal Debt Agreements

A Part IX Debt Agreement is a legal agreement with your creditors under the Bankruptcy Act.  It is not the same as bankruptcy, and for some people, it is a better solution.

Expert Debt Consultation (Free)

By talking to our experienced and understanding debt consultants you will get a clearer picture of what solutions are available to you after just one call.

Debt Management Plan

Debt Cutter has various strategies to help you improve your credit score.

Informal Debt Arrangement

An Informal Arrangement is an agreement that allows you to manage your debt through a simple repayment plan, allowing you to get on with life without the hassle of debt collectors hounding at your door.


When there is absolutely no way you are able to pay back your debts, it may be time to consider bankruptcy.

Financial Counsellor

Financial counsellors are an independent free service supported by State Government, Federal Government and some cases charity groups to assist people in financial difficulty

Debt Refinancing

When your debts are piling up and you are struggling to make repayments, debt refinancing may be the best solution for you.