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Just because you are dealing with debt doesn’t mean your credit score has to be affected.

We have Debt Management strategies that assist you to organically improve your credit score. Credit Scores can be affected by many types of activities and infringements, we have strategies that work to remedy these actions and put simple saving and payment strategies in place to ensure your credit file is protected and credit scores improve.

It is important to note Debt Cutter does not act as a quick fix Credit Improvement or “Credit Repair” agency, and is unable to contact any of your previous creditors on your behalf to ask for removal of any negative credit reporting or defaults. If you are having any issues with removing negative credit scores which have been incorrectly recorded against you name, we encourage you to contact the Financial Ombudsman.


Your credit score is a summary of the information on your credit report. It is what creditors use when they are assessing your credit application. A VEDA score is a number between 0-1200. To access your credit score go to Please refer to our Credit Score Fact Sheet for details on how to interpret your credit score.
Note: There are number of other credit agencies who have their own reporting methods.


If you find yourself with a bad credit rating, you can use the following steps to improve it.

Step 1 – Take control. Get your credit report and become aware of your situation. Work on a positive attitude towards dealing with your debt.

Step 2 – Create a Plan. Be honest with yourself and work out your income, your expenses and what you have left to pay towards your debts or defaults.

Step 3 – Implement your plan. If you are struggling to meet all of your commitments, contact your creditors as soon as practical and make arrangements. Prioritise paying secured creditors and  debts with the highest interest; always make sure to pay something towards all your debts.

Step 4 – Get Educated. Explore your options for dealing with your debts and rebuilding your credit rating in the short and long term.

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