Free Expert Debt Consultation

Your entirely personalised debt consultation

By talking to our experienced and understanding debt consultants you will get a clearer picture of what solutions are available to you.

We can’t help you if we don’t know anything about you.  We take the time to listen and understand your personal circumstances, which led you to contact us in the first place.  On this call we will discuss:


Why have you contacted us

We talk about your personal circumstances, and what lead you to contact us.  People contact us because they want to be better at managing their debt, or because their debt feels completely out of control.  We deal with people from all walks of life, and we understand that things can change and you can’t always control everything. We don’t judge you and we have helped thousands of people by listening, caring, and providing solutions that work.

Your Debts

It helps us to know:

  • how many debts you have;
  • how much your debts are for;
  • what the original purpose of the debt;
  • whether you are behind on your debts;
  • what the repayments are.

Your Budget

We help you work out what your budget is, we go through your income and expnese and work out what your expenses are, so you know what you can afford to pay.

How we can help you

This helps us understand the best solution for you, and how we can help you.  There is often more than one option, and you may have different reasons why some options work better for you than others.  Each solution is very personalised, and made especially for you.

Some of the solutions we may suggest for you could include:

Formal Debt Agreement

A formal debt agreement is a special agreement you make with your creditors under the Bankruptcy Act.  This is an alternative to bankruptcy, where you can pay your creditors back over a set period, for an agreed amount.

Debt Management Plan

Debt Cutter can design a tailor made debt management plan just for you.

Credit Score Improvement

Debt Cutter has various strategies to help you improve your credit score.

Financial Counsellor

Financial counsellors are an independent free service supported by State Government, Federal Government and some cases charity groups to assist people in financial difficulty.


When there is absolutely no way you are able to pay back your debts, it may be time to consider bankruptcy.

Informal Debt Agreements

An Informal Arrangement is an instrument that allows you to manage your debt through a simple repayment plan, allowing you to get on with life without the hassle of debt collectors hounding at your door.

Debt Refinancing

When your debts are piling up and you are struggling to make repayments, debt refinancing may be the best solution for you.