Money Management

We can put you on the path to
financial freedom.

Let an expert handle all of your finances

There is an affordable way to get control.

If your goal is to become debt free, stay debt free and gain financial freedom, then working together can help you achieve these goals.

Let us take the stress and time out of managing your money. We can help you take control of your finances, budget, bills, and debts so you can get on track to achieve your financial goals.

Get back on track in just 4 easy steps

Debt can be incredibly
stressful, but it doesn’t
have to be.

How does it work?

1. Analyse

Work with us to assess your situation, to understand where you are financially and what challenges you have.

2. Set Goals

Build an understanding of what is important to you, your goals, your measures of success, and how we can help.

3. Plan

Your Financial Manager will contact all the agreed creditors, billers, and other accounts, that they will be managing for you and build a 12 month cash management plan for your approval based on your goals.

4. Implement

Your plan is now in place, and you’ll be contributing money towards it through a method chosen by you. All funds are managed securely via Westpac payment solutions and are on-paid to your approved billers, creditors and accounts under your plan.

5. Manage

Your Financial Manager grows with you, so as things change so do your plans and goals. This is your time to succeed.

What do we do?

Together we work out the best way forward to assist you to achieve your goals.

We fully analyse your income, costs, debts, and cash flow, and develop a plan with you to get the best outcome for you.

It’s a big deal,
but the reward is even bigger.

We know handing over your finances is a big deal, that’s why when you sign up to a Financial Management service you still have complete control and transparency with your money. As part of the setup process, and ongoing service, you will be able to select exactly what happens with your money.

You have full access to see what bills are being paid on your behalf, and what your money is doing. A Financial Manager gives you control.

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