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“Debt Cutter helped me fix my finances. I’m feeling much better now and have a lot less stress!”


“Debt Cutter paved the way for me to achieve financial freedom and finally set me on a path to being debt free.”


“From the moment I picked up that phone and called Debt Cutter my life changed for the better. Firstly the harassing phone calls stopped instantly from the credit card companies.”


“Debt Cutter have now made it possible for me to see that one day I will be debt free.”

Michael and Belinda

“I guess I was worried about how our past will affect our financial situation but with the Debt Agreement not on the credit file anymore it should make it easier to get credit.”


“After the instant relief of speaking with a wonderful, caring and friendly lady called Denise from Debt Cutter we were finally able to see hope in our financial crisis, by being able to have all our credit cards, unsecured loans put in one manageable payment over a five year period.”


“I have had so many hick up’s along the way even missing my last two payments, due to unforeseen issues. Calling Debt Cutter was always so easy.”

Peter and Heather

“The staff at Debt Cutter were so helpful working with us during this time waiting for the government approval and being so helpful with payment for their fee to suit our finances.”


“After going though his options and realising that a debt agreement was the right avenue for him, he went through the process with Debt Cutter and worked through the budget process with the consultant.”
“It’s good to get rid of the headaches. It’s been a learning curve.”

Peter and Cathy

Cathy and Peter entered a Part IX Debt Agreement and say it has restored their peace of mind. Cathy says they know it could affect their ability to obtain finance for years into the future but “who the hell wants any more credit after going through this?”


“Debt Cutter helped me get my payments down to a manageable size and once I was back on track, it was easy to put extra money onto the outstanding debt to clear debt faster.”


“I was very happy with Debt Cutter’s customer service and the flexibility Debt Cutters offered me and my family.”


“We were so stressed out, when we called Debt Cutter, it was a relief to find someone friendly to help work it all out for us.”


“When I called Debt Cutter it was the best thing I had done in a long time, I was finally able to relax.”


“I called Debt Cutter for advice on what to do. Their friendly staff listened to my situation, treated me as a real person, and gave me advice that was right for me. The staff were helpful, informative and easy to work with.”


“At first I thought they would judge me but from my first meeting Debt Cutter staff made me feel relaxed & that I had finally made a positive move forward to getting my life back in order.”


“I made sure I notified Debt Cutter and we worked together to make sure I had enough for my expenses while still making my payments.”


“If you are on the fence about whether to call Debt Cutter or not, what I say to you is. CALL DEBT CUTTER, I’ve been with them, I know people who have been with them, they’re so helpful, any queries you can just contact them and they’ll help you out as much as possible and they’re just the friendliest bunch, they’re very encouraging also.”


“I am deeply thankful that Debt Cutter was a good choice to deal with my debt and have a satisfactory end for both me and my creditors.”

Terri and her husband

“A big thank you to Debt Cutter for giving us the chance we needed to get back to the greener side of the fence.”