Stress caused by your debts can have very real effects on your health and emotional wellbeing. Possibly leaving permanent damage that may require medical attention costing you more money. But perhaps a change of beliefs could affect a change of stress symptoms.

Stress is an alarm system designed to get you to recognise a threat to your survival. The alarm bells are a release of the stress hormones cortisol & adrenaline which increase the heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, muscle tension, inflammation and dump glucose & fats into the bloodstream. The cumulative effect is increased risk of diseases from diabetes to heart disease to infections like the common cold as well as exacerbating any pre-existing conditions by undermining the body’s ability to repair itself or care for itself.

Kelly McGonigal has a mind reset for everyone. In a TEDX talk she presented some time ago, Kelly admitted that she’s been thinking about stress in a completely wrong way.

Have you ever considered this possibility before? If we take Kelly’s ideas on board, change our minds about stress and turn it into a motivator, we can have a positive effect on our health and our debts. Is this something you’ve tried already? Any suggestions for the rest of us on how you handled the stress, how you approached it and what mindset you had to change? What did you tell yourself?

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