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We have bucket loads of expertise when it comes to debt and can really help to navigate a pathway from stress to control. Every person’s situation is unique from their goals and aspirations, their personal circumstances and the types of debt that they are struggling with.


Free Expert Debt Consultation

Debt can be incredibly stressful, but it doesn’t have to be.


Develop Your Plan

Based on the information you have provided to our consultants, we develop your personalised plan focused on helping you get out of debt.


Assess Your Situation

We talk with you to understand your exact financial situation and your financial goals.

This allows us to develop the best solution for you.


Put your Plan in Action

After you’ve selected your financial solution we implement your plan.

Get a handle on money stress and resolve unmanageable debt.

At Debt Cutter, we can help you with a debt management solution tailor made to work for you.

Debt Management Plan

It is not a bankruptcy nor a Part 9 Debt Agreement.

A Debt Management Plan gives you the flexibility to handle your debts, be it loans, bills, a mortgage, or even achieve tax debt relief.

Consolidate debt payments into one single repayment every week, fortnight, or month.

Part 9 Debt Agreement

With a Part 9 Debt Agreement, a payment arrangement is formed between you and your creditors.

Legally, your creditors must stop contacting you once an arrangement has been accepted.

Debt Cutter can help you assess your options to help you manage insolvency.

Mortgage Refinancing

When your debts are piling up and you are struggling with making repayments, mortgage refinancing may be a possible solution for you.

We can connect you with brokers who are experts in non conforming loans.

With our network of brokers and financial specialists, we will work with you to tailor a solution to suit your needs.

Thinking about filing for Bankruptcy?

The impact of bankruptcy must be fully considered, including being aware of if bankruptcy could have any impact on your employment. Our solutions team will help you to determine if bankruptcy is right for you, or if there are other options that may be better suited to helping you get control of your debt.

Free consultation. Commitment free. No obligations.